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Let the Precise team invest OUR time into YOUR planning

Precise BoneSmart Technology can help you to achieve better patient outcomes and a smoother, faster surgical workflow. Using 3D patient specific preoperative planning software and 3D printing technology, Precise creates patient-matched implants, surgical guides and anatomical models from your patients’ CT scan data. Our experience assures you of an international quality product at affordable pricing.

Precise offers a range of Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) Solutions, including 3D planning, patient-specific implants, surgical guides and anatomical plan models. 

View our virtual brochures, CT and CBCT scanning protocols, design input form, materials used, and WeTransfer upload instructions here.

Meet our experienced and customer-oriented Precise team. We are here to help you achieve the best possible surgical results.


Precise BoneSmart Technology solutions are primarily focused on the following surgical fields;  craniomaxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery and neurosurgery with exciting new developments into cardiothoracic surgery.

Precise 3d BoneSmart Technology Orthognathic surgery icon
Orthognathic Surgery

Pre-operative virtual surgical planning translated to the operating room with the use of 3D printed occlusal splints, surgical guides and patient-matched plates.

Precise 3d BoneSmart Technology reconstruction and trauma icon
Resection, Reconstruction and Trauma Surgery

3D printed Patient anatomical models and patient-matched plates for precise and effective resection, realignment and/or reconstruction of the facial anatomy. Our surgical guides and models provide solutions that are applicable for any type of CMF surgery ranging from oncology resections to trauma reconstruction, including TMJ surgery.

Precise 3d BoneSmart Technology neuro icon

A Precise BoneSmart Technology autoclavable mould from which a patient-matched cranioplasty implant is produced intra-operatively in a  sterile field.

Upcoming events

24 to 26 July 2024, Johannesburg

Presented by Prof. Carlo Ferretti and Dr Peter Tsakiris (co-host).

- Contact to register

26 to 28 September 2024, The Houghton Hotel

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When every detail of the operation is carefully planned before entering the OR, the actual operation takes less time and possible risks can be foreseen and minimised. Shorten operation time gained by a custom approach is an advantage for surgeons, patients and hospitals.

Let the Precise team invest OUR time into YOUR planning

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