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Virtual Surgical
Planning Solutions

Precise offers a range of Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) Solutions, including 3D planning, patient-specific implants, surgical guides and anatomical plan models. Precise use modern software to create a virtual model of a patient's anatomy. This model is used to plan surgeries and to create patient-specific surgical guides and patient matched implants.

We work closely with surgeons and other healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, to reduce the amount of time spent in the operating room and to reduce the risk of complications. Precise’s VSP solutions are used in a variety of medical specialties, including craniomaxillofacial surgery, neurological surgery and oncology.

Precise Mandibular Reconstruction
Precise 3d BoneSmart Technology titanium ortognathic system
Fibula Free Flap Reconstruction
Cranial implant vsp image
Precise Orthognathic Surgery Bite Splint
Custom anatomical model vsp image
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