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Precise 3D
Printed Solutions

Virtual Surgical

Patient Specific

Prior to the operation, our experienced team of CAD specialists meet with the operating surgeon, during which the surgery is virtually planned and a patient specific implant is designed. All we need to design the perfectly fitting patient implant is a good CT or CBCT image of your patient.

Achieve better patient outcomes in a more convenient way. Precise will design a custom implant that will fit the patient’s anatomy perfectly. Our personalised implants help restore not only functionality but also aesthetics of the treated area.

Precise Mandibular Reconstruction NEW Custom plate
Precise 3d BoneSmart Technology CAD designing


Precise cutting guide example

Precise creates a patient specific surgical guide that ensures the individual implant is placed in its exact location. Our guides safeguard that cutting and drilling are performed at the right angle and in the right depth. Surgical guides also aid in less time in the operating room, and that the planned surgical outcome is achieved.


Nylon anatomical model for mandibular reconstruction

Our anatomical models are 3D printed replicas of your patient’s anatomy. These models will help you to understand your patient’s anatomy better, the exact location and dimensions of the pathological area, and to communicate the procedure to your patient.

Let the Precise team invest OUR time into YOUR planning

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