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Material Options

Precise uses excellent long term implantable biomaterials to create patient-specific implants. Our surgical cutting/resection/drill guides or fitting templates and models are 3D printed and can be sterilised and taken into the operating room.

SLS Polyamide Nylon strip example
SLS Polyamide Nylon Model
SLS Polyamide Nylon
Autoclavable durable nylon plastic, used for a wide range of applications, prototyping and end products. Can be sterilised and taken into the operating room.
DMLS Ti64 Titanium
Medical grade titanium. DMLS Ti64 Titanium offers great strength, low weight and excellent biocompatibility. It is mainly used for mandible and extremity reconstructions and custom osteosynthesis plates. 
Precise titanium plate material example
Precise 3d patient matched Cranial Mould
Cranioplasty Cement
CE marked dedicated cranioplasty cement.
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